Friday, November 25, 2011

Nature's Sunshine Products - Special Bury St Edmunds Christmas Fayre Offer 2011 ONLY @ Body and Mind Studio!

To celebrate the eighth annual Bury St Edmunds Christmas Fayre from November 25th to November 27th, 2011, for anyone who buys two Nature's Sunshine Healthy Starter Programmes from our online Nautre's Sunshine website at Body and Mind Studio - Nature's Sunshine, we will send you a £25 products voucher to spend on additional Nature's Sunshine products! If you want to detox pre-Christmas or in the new year after a heavy Christmas and New Year period, this is just the products for you and your partner!

The Healthy Starter Programme is a ten day cleansing course which includes three powerful products. Ideal for a pre-Christmas cleanse!

1. Nature's Sunshine Healthy Starter Pack+
is a powerful and effective ten day course of five cleansing herbal products which collectively help to cleanse the whole body of cellular waste. The pack is formulated for use alongside a healthy diet and your usual daily routine. The five capsules are packed in handy sachets which can be easily carried in your pocket or handbag. The pack contains formulas for the:

* Digestive system
* Intestinal system
* Liver
* Urinary system
* Cardiovascular system

2. Nature's Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll - Among Chlorophyll's many benefits, it is a good natural cleanser that helps eliminate body odour. Add Liquid Chlorophyll to water for a great tasting drink that has effective cleansing properties, making it a valued addition to your cleanse programme. (473ml)

3. Nature's Sunshine Pro B11 - This is a milk-free Probiotics supplement, providing important strains of friendly flora which naturally inhabit the intestinal tract. These help to maintain a healthy immune function, so we recommend taking one course of Bifidophilus Flora Force once you've completed your cleanse. (90 capsules)

Simply click on the link below to order your Healthy Starter Programme:-

Please note: Prices in countries outside the UK may vary due to VAT and local taxes.  Please check prices when placing your order.This offer is not available in Republic of Ireland.

Important Information: The healthy Starter Pack+ is not suitable for use:

* During Pregnancy, nursing or when planning to conceive
* During illness or convalescence
* By children under 12 years old
* The pack contains Black Walnut Hulls.
* Terms and conditions apply: Offer available until 9.00am on Monday 28th November, 2011. Body and Mind Studio Limited reserves the right to withdraw the offer without notice. On-line only orders may be placed up to 9.00am on Monday 28th November 2011.  The £25 (€28) voucher may be used against any order of £50 (€58) or more (not including post and packing) between 3rd January 2012 and 27th January 2012. Only one voucher may be used per order. The voucher is not transferable and may not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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